Transit Love EP

by Liberated Squid

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released August 9, 2014




Liberated Squid Tauranga, New Zealand

Liberated Squid are a punk rock band from Tauranga, New Zealand. Their sound is influenced by old school punk rock with melody. Influenced by bands like The Neurotics, Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, Their songs cover various subject matter, sometimes political, sometimes fun. Witty lyrics and self proclaimed poor musicianship make Liberated Squid a great band to listen to. ... more

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Track Name: Transit Love
Transit Love

misery loves company
have you got some time to spare
broken down and crucified,
I've got the time to care

worn out lover, nowhere blues,
hungry for someone
broken down and crucified,
official status not quite numb

dirty grey and faded our transit love
tired bored and jaded with transit love
grab your coat and come with me
cos misrry loves company
Track Name: Living In Sin

You're a sin loving drama queen,
stealing hearts and stealing scenes
Hanging around with rag tag band of
losers, freaks and has-beens
You tried to take everything,
man, you've got some nerve
You ended up with nothing
which is more than you deserve

You changed your name
but your personality, stayed the same
A rose by any other name still
draws blood and causes pain
We parked up in your Mini,
I went down on you in a flash
You had you're legs out of the window
and you're head right up your ass

Walk away, I don't need to see you leave
Walk back home to your house on
Parasite Street
Pick your head up man,
drag your heart back through the door
Tell that bitch to leave,
you don't need that fucking whore
Track Name: True Religion
True Relgion

Religion is the opium of the verses
a fabricated crutch to aid the poor
it's as certain in life as death, lies and taxes
a bargaining chip when your knocking on heavens door

the bible is a book of fact and fiction
it tells of a king who came from galilee
but I'll preach of my beliefs and my convictions
of the one true king from Memphis Tennessee

Music is the one true religion
we're disciples of the rhythm and the beat
music is the one true religion
get off your knees and get back on your feet

Imaginary idols take some beating
Music is the language of the soul
I'm not saying you should stop
what you're believing
but try your faith in the hands of Rock 'n' Roll
Track Name: Parking Warden #62
Parking Warden # 62

Have you met the scourge of the street?
The blight on the city that walks the beat
He creeps around looking for trouble
He's got standards alright, it's a shame they're double
Creeping weasel, Ferret faced freak, Dickhead Dur Fuhrer, Blood sucking leech

Sixty two, parking warden sixty two
You're a ginger haired cunt
Fuck you!

He doesn't know the meaning of fairness
This greedy bastard couldn't care less
You fucking snake, you have no spine
You maybe doing your job, but I'm just doing mine
Track Name: Gabba Gabba Hey
Gabba Gabba Hey

Leather jacket kids from NYC
From the home of the brave
And the land of the freak
Breakneck rhythm and jackhammer speed
I'm a teenage lobotomy
On a road to ruin in the California sun
Judy is a punk and Sheena was one
Chewing out a rhythm on my bubblegum
The sun is out and I want some

We did the blitzkrieg bop
at the cretin hop woah oh oh
Gabba Gabba Hey
Gabba Gabba Hey
Gabba Gabba Hey